The Product

Redback Silicone Hose Cutter.


Unique intelligent


This bench mounted machine has the ability to cut 18 stock internal size non-steel reinforced silicone and rubber hose from diameters 1” internal diameter to 6” Internal diameter in height increments of 7.5mm, with a minimum height cut of 20mm to a maximum height cut of 127mm.


Supplied as standard with this machine come internal acrylic hose dies. These dies enable the hose to keep shape creating a cleaner cut. The standard hose dies are: 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2’, 2.25”, 2.5”, 2.75”, 3”, 3.5” and 4”. 1” Internal diameter hose is cut on the main bottom shaft without the need for an internal acrylic die.


Clean Cut

For additional sizes we also can supply with this machine additional cutting dies, these extra acrylic tube sizes are for 4.25” 5” and 6“ internal diameter hose. These dies are by special order only and do not come as a standard part of the kit. For further information or order placement of these products go to our online store.


Also supplied as standard with the Redback silicone cutter is 10 x No:11 Swann and Morton Carbon Steel surgical Blades which unlike most cutting techniques (e.g. Stanley Knife) has the capacity to cut up to 10 times the amount of silicone before needing to be replaced.


Disclaimer: This machine contains an extremely sharp cutting blade and should always be used with absolute care. By undertaking the use of this product the responsibility for safety is totally reliant on the user or the purchaser of this product. This product is not suitable for minors.


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