About Redback


Redback Performance is an Australian owned company with more than 30 years manufacturing experience in the automotive, marine, aviation and heavy industry sectors.


Whilst manufacturing a vast range of components and finished products to these industries our staff constantly required the need for an accurate, fast, safe and inexpensive way to cut non-steel

reinforced silicone and rubber hose for most applications we were manufacturing in to, so we went ahead and started designing and developing the machine that we believe to be a world first and a long time overdue product.


After many hours in the design room and also many changes along the way, we believe we have revolutionised the technique for cutting silicone and non-reinforced rubber hose for the “At Home” fabrication guy to the high end everyday business user.



Our intention in the design and build phase of this machine was to not only minimise the risk of injury to the user, but to maximise productivity. ”Obviously owning a business means any time saved equates to greater productivity and more money being made.”


(This machine without a doubt maximizes productivity and reduces the risk of injury caused by conventional slow, dangerous and inaccurate cutting procedures).

Disclaimer: This machine contains an extremely sharp cutting blade and should always be used with absolute care. By undertaking the use of this product the responsibility for safety is totally reliant on the user or the purchaser of this product. This product is not suitable for minors.


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